About Durand Seay

Durand Seay utilizes painting and photography in his search for symbols of balance, serenity, sprituality, and how we connect as a people. His photography stretches the bounds of what we consider as the story, allowing the viewer to feel the story, to be created or added upon. The illuminations remove the image out of its original context placing them as abstractions to guide the viewers impressions. These legacies of layers, studies in organic constructions arive from a pursuit influenced by his architecture and a facination with structures found in nature or man made.

Durand Seay became an architect due to having a talent in understanding form, space, light, and process. His father, also being the architect and civil engineer, happen to also be talented in watercolors. With an entire family of artists, this heritage implanted the strong desire to pursue architecture and painting. In kind, his art combines the intuition of an artistic inner self, and the influences of structure.

Durand Seay’s success in architecture is due in part to his ability to perceive space, not strictly as an enhanced volume to contain, but as an experience that is directly affected by the user, psychologically through movement and time. The understanding of space is gained from the action of moving within. Time can be slowed down, sped up, or stopped to manipulate how a space is made apparent. Seay’s thoughtful awareness of human nature affects the sculpting of space and form, weaving enhanced experiences.

Graduating from Auburn University in Architecture, he also attended University of Georgia to extend his skills in art and his understanding of painting. His work has been exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions all over the southeast since 1978, and recently in 2009 “Imaginary Journeys”, Trevisan Arte Internationale invitational exhibition, Ferarra, Italy. His history of awards precedes him with the following selected examples:

2008 First Place in Oil and Acrylic category, Hilton Head Art League National Juried Exhibition, Hilton Head, SC.

2008 Purchase Award, SouthWorks Juried Exhibition, Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA.

2003 Award of Excellence, Alabama Exhibition, Rosa Parks Museum, Montgomery, AL.

1990, 1989, 1986, 1985, 1984 Best of Show, Montgomery Museum’s Montgomery Art Guild Exhibition, Montgomery, AL.

1987 Best in Pastel Category, Metro Art International Competition, New York, New York.

Durand Seay’s works are found in the collections of:

Montgomery Arts Council

Blount International

Montgomery Art Guild

Alabama Power Company

Alabama Gas Corporation

Southern Progress

Sony Corporation